Graphic Designer

Remember when

I set my self the brief of re creating childhood memories. To do this i used the topic of sweets. I created a series of posters with packaging, which would be sold in shops such as urban outfitters and magma book store. The idea of just using the title of “remember when” and bold images would hopefully revoke a personal memory from the 

consumers childhood.

Cut the pie.

Cut the pie is a online blog that shares films that have had a strong impact on some ones day, week or life.I created a series of posters to advertise the blog. And also a monthly zine that takes a range of filmsfrom the site and displays them in an experimental style.

honesty is the best medicine 

The task was to represent honesty in the best way 

Possible. I did this by creating a cafe named franks which tells it customers the honest truth about their food and service no lies just honest goodness. 

A little book about hands, which I produced with fellow student Katie Hilton

3rd year graphic design magazine.

The task was to create a picnic for Marks and Spencer.I came up with the theme of having a party celebrating yourself. The product would be bought when the customer is feeling run down, tired or a little un happy, The aim of the picnic is to make the customer feel happy and appreciated. Instead of creating meals I created snacks, the picnic includes bottle of rose wine, cherries, muffin and party popper.

It Happened on this Day/

My response to this brief was a day of inspiration called To Day is the Day. The international day would be a day when you become the person you want to be. I based the day on the saying “I will do it tomorrow”. To promote the day I produced a series of posters with inspirational sayings on them, I also created a T-shirt and 

celebratory bunting as promotional tools

Bang! /
My response to the word bang was the theme of a banging headache. From research I found out what gives people a banging headache. I then displayed the results by photographing small objects, for example the neighbours dog parking I photographed a miniature model dog. To give the images a purpose I created promotional posters to advertise the NHS headache web site.

Over 31 days I gathered my daily food intake taking information on calories eaten ,weight in food, money I spent and tastyness and greedyness. I then displayed the information in a set of top trump cards.

Branding for a Pie Shop which I created the logo, name and identity for.